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Artifical Life

Vesa (Canada) – Artifical Life –

I like music that is ’spacey‘. Tis one certainly fits that bill. Its relaxing with a bit of added suspense to keep one lsitening. Cool arrangement. There that could be just my feeling. I’ve spent some time in the east, Africa and it is difficult to get those sounds out of one’s mind. I like the synth work, some sounds sound so natural. Very whispy strings. Lovely. Like also your interjection of simple percussive sounds. Enjoy the change in towards 3/4 the way through. Like it. Good for more listens. Well thought out. Seems to be a subtle eastern influenc

Artifical Life

Reviewer: magic dimension Artifical Life –

Endzeitstimmungssymphonie, so kann man dieses Teil bezeichnen. Düster im Anklang aber eben auch wunderschön, die Flächen, die Monotonie, das ganze Arrangement, die kleinen Meloeinlagen, rundrum gelungen.